The Cassiopeia OB2 region

5 min Optik / Mount: Tak Epsilon 180ED, Alt-5 TeenAstroCamera / Filter: ZWO ASI 6200 MM Pro MonoAstrodon SII, Ha, OIII 5h30min all 2bin and RGB for the starsDate 26.09.2023 The Cassiopeia OB2 region includes a long, bright H II region linked to a large association of young, hot stars, […]

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Bubble Nebula

Optics/mount : 12″ACF 2.7m AP-Reduzer Alt-5 Camera/filters: Atik 11002 AstrodonHa/OIII/SII Exposure:25×600 Ha / OIII / SII all 2bin 06 december 2016 NGC 7635, also called the Bubble Nebula, Sharpless 162, or Caldwell 11, is a H II region emission nebula in the constellation Cassiopeia. It lies close to the direction […]