Hickson 44
Hickson 44

Optics/mount : 12″ACF 2.7m AP-Reduzer Alt-5
Camera/filters: Atik 11002 Astrodon LRGB
Exposure: 49×600 Lum, 9×600 RGB all 1bin

Hickson 44 is a cluster of four gravitationally bound galaxies that lie relatively nearby to our own Milky Way. Each of these galaxies shows signs of interaction, such warped disks or a large bright bar. The entire grouping spans 15′, small enough to be seen together in the same field of view. The brightest member is NGC 3190, the smaler Gx are NGC 3193 and NGC 3185 nearly-face-on barred spiral. The faintest member is the 14th magnitude NGC 3187, a spiral galaxy with a bright bar.

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