IC410 SHO narrow band
IC410 SHO narrow band

Optics/mount : 12″ACF 2.7m AP-Reduzer Alt-5
Camera/filters: Atik 11002 AstrodonHa/OIII/SII
Exposure:10×600 Ha/OIII/SII all 2bin
19 February 2015

IC 410 an emission nebula about 12,000 light-years from Earth in the constellation Auriga. Near the center of the nebulous region is a star cluster ( NGC 1893) and just to the bottom right of this cluster lies two structures that resemble tadpoles. These structures are made of leftover hydrogen and dust from the formation of the star cluster and the “tails” are from the solar wind coming from the stars of NGC 1893.

IC 410 est une nébuleuse en émission située à environ 12 000 années-lumière de la Terre dans la constellation du Cocher. La nébuleuse contient en son cœur l’amas ouvert NGC 1893.

A starless version of the IC 410

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